Made in the USA

When my friends and I weren't sneaking into Packers games we were jamming in my mom's basement. By the time we were 16 we found our first
recording studio.  A four track hell hole with no heat or air.  It was great.  Moved to Milwaukee for a time to play and record with local heroes
Short Stuff. Recorded two albums with them before moving to Los Angeles to attend school at GIT.  Once I finished school I moved back to the
Midwest and toured extensively with ska reggae band Java.  Recorded several albums with them before forming my own production company,
Made Ya Look inc. with a close friend.  Our main projects involved audio for video, including the music production and sound design.
We wrote tracks for a plethora of clients including, Jansport, Miller Brewing, CBS Sports, Green Bay Packers, Washington Nationals, Kohler, Carver
Yachts and on.  I received an EMMY along with co-writer, John Croarkin for the music in "Beyond the Butterfly" a documentary in 2000.
I was FOH mixer for Packers game day from 2006 to 2013.  Interesting but time to move on.
As an audio mechanic I have recorded hundreds of albums. I hold the land speed record for the most polkas recorded in a single day. The record
stands at 27 polkas recorded and mixed in an 8 hour period. All of which got on one CD with 30 seconds to spare. Subsequently after that session
I was checked in to rehab. I am better now.
These days you can find me in my bunker, Eyehole Digital Noiz studio.  I am writing for TV and Film and playing with my band Conscious Pilot.
This is perhaps the best band I have ever been with.  I will keep dates for the band posted on this website.  Hopefully soon, this site will contain
some Pilot's tracks.